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Agustin Gainza

Telling the story of color with madness and delight .

A Cuban American artist whose hands speak an universal language that materializes with a convergence of color and wonder. His art awakes the shocking sensuality and refined grace found within the simple and mundane. Each color will reveal a new secret and each painting will tell a story only you know. 

Agustin Gainza

Agustin Gainza

AGUSTIN GAINZA is a Cuban-American artist who for over four decades has devoted himself to the visual arts, in special, painting, drawing, printmaking and ceramics. His work has been exhibited in his native country as well as the United States, Europe and the Americas being acclaimed by the public and the specialized circles. His work is well represented in private and public collections all around. GAINZA lives in his adoptive Miami since 1979 and established his own Gallery and Studio in the heart of Calle 8 since 2001.

Agustin Gainza, collaboration with writer Zoe Valdes. Series of painting Mysteries of Havana and book same tiltle.

Background image by Agustin Gainza 

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