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Agustin Gainza

Telling the story of color with madness and delight .

A Cuban American artist whose hands speak an universal language that materializes with a convergence of color and wonder. His art awakes the shocking sensuality and refined grace found within the simple and mundane. Each color will reveal a new secret and each painting will tell a story only you know. 

Wanderlust 1 - Laredo, Spain

There is a sense of wonder that takes over when one experiences something for the first time. The first time you see the Eiffel Tower, the first time you travel across the world, the first time you eat that strange looking thing that you end up loving. This wonder is what we hope for when we travel, and it only occurs when we open ourselves to it and allow the simple and mundane to impress us.  The beauty of traveling isn’t that we see the world but that we get to write our stories. It is through traveling that we create our own adventures and become the protagonist of our lives. 

Laredo, Spain by Agustin Gainza

About The Wanderlust Project

The Wanderlust Project is a joint venture between Agustin Gainza (artist) and The Hungry Wanderer (novice blogger) where by each day they will post an original painting. Each painting comes from the artists’ personal collection, created on one of his many journeys. They have been hidden away for years, going back as a far as two decades. Upon discovery, countless memories made their way back to the artist and inspired this new endeavor.  The goal of this project is to bring new and affordable art that arouse this generations desire to create their own stories and pave the way for those that will one day be in need of some inspiration.

About the Art

The paintings vary in size; however, they are all painted on BRISTOL paper with watercolor. They all come with a mat and ready to be framed. All paintings will be for sale on Ebay (link provided with each post).

Background image by Agustin Gainza

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