Press & Critics


"There are artists who can leap over the culture currently in fashion and grow to gigantic proportions, moved by their memory and by a deep awareness of their historical inheritance. For these artist, the act of creating and that of breaking away occur simultaneously and harmoniously--they are part of one same natural and mysterious process. Agustin Gainza is one of those artist. We see this in the way he peers into a window or paints an evening scene to revel the poetic side of reality. His images capture the spirit, light, air, shadows, sensuality, and throbbing of the human heart. And he has seized all this poetry in the spasm of a nightmare."

-Zoe Valdes, Internationally acclaimed Cuban author


"The originality and charm of Gainza's art lies in his ability to record reality and raise it to an ideal level, to raise sensual data to an ideal realm. In fact, his work gives us viewers the most accurate definition of a landscape by showing us what's at the core of what we remember of the subject. We see this in the way his rich urban scenes radiate from one concentrated focal point. It may be a balcony, a street corner, some quality in a household setting where several figures converge."

-Armando Alvarez Bravo, Poet and Art Critic


“The accumulation of memories generates vivid memories in the artist, memories which are truly Cuban. One would think they would limit this artist’s projection when facing a diverse public like the one in Miami: however, Gainza’s art crosses over the established geographical barriers and captures everyone’s attention through some sort of hemispheric language which is embellished by colors, visions and memories common to all. His are the interpretations of a past world that we bring renovated to our daily lives”.

Jesús Hernández, Visual arts specialist and journalist

Miami, December 28 2001.


“The single, most enduring element Agustin Gainza’s paintings and ceramics is their shocking sensuality and their refined voluptuousness. A sacred mixture of delight and madness converge in his paintings, a world whose, light, and color are triumphant indications of the sacramental nature of this artist’s work. In Gaínza’s hands, these elements become the universal language of the senses”.

Gustavo Valdés, Art historian and author.

New York, August 22, 2003




“Most impressive is Gaínza’s ability to manipulate time and dimension by using light as a focal point in his work. Light at once illuminates the outlying spaces while casting shadows on the places hidden within, creating an emotional tension in his work”.

Benjamín Ortiz, Curator

Ridgefield, May 6,  2010


Gainza’s oil paintings, including Camino a la luz, infuse a street sense with lyricism and mystery”…..

Lennie Bennett, Times Art Critic

St Petersburg, October 21, 2010